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“Victorious Wind” High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans provide an energy efficient and cost effective solution for regulating temperature in large spaces. We are India’s one of the largest supplier of industrial/commercial big ceiling fans and claim a reasonable percentage of the Indian market for industrial/commercial ventilation fan. Victorious Wind was established in 1998 by ‘K Herald’ and the company is in the ventilation business for approximately a decade. We have recognized a worldwide need to reduce energy consumption by contributing to the effectiveness of heating, cooling and ventilation systems.


Cool Breeze

The Victorious Wind Industrial Fan is focused on air movement, employee comfort, and energy savings! With its unique blade design, the Victorious Wind Industrial fan delivers the most air movement of any HVLS fan on the market today while providing improved employee comfort at the most economical start up and operating cost available.


Big By Birth

As it moves air volumes of close to 300,000 cubic feet per minute, it successfully distributes the air and removes any hot pockets from any region of the fans reach. When a mass amount of air from the fan reaches the ground, the air turns in the horizontal direction and travel to a distance up to 15 meters in a velocity of 2m/s from the centre of the fan.


Make it More Big

The Fan sizes ranging from 8 to 24 ft diameter with 1 hp / 1.5 hp / 2 hp motor (1-phase or 3-phase options) which can also be customised by the customer consulting with our technical team for your appropriate application. Even though we have somany regular models which can be used perfect for almost any facility we are ready to make any designs for you.